Epson Stylus EP802 Adjustment Program Free Download

Epson Stylus EP802

The Epson Stylus EP802 is a popular printer model that is widely used for printing purposes. This printer is known for its excellent printing quality and affordable price. However, like any other printer, the Epson Stylus EP802 may encounter various problems that can affect its performance. In such cases, an adjustment program can come in handy.

What is an Adjustment Program?

An adjustment program is a software tool that is used to reset the printer’s internal counter, which is responsible for monitoring the waste ink pad. When the waste ink pad becomes full, the printer will stop working. The adjustment program can reset the counter, allowing the printer to continue functioning.

Why Do You Need an Adjustment Program?

If your Epson Stylus EP802 printer is showing an error message that says “Waste ink pad is full,” you will need to reset the counter using an adjustment program. This error message usually indicates that the waste ink pad is full, and the printer needs to be serviced. However, with the help of an adjustment program, you can reset the counter and continue using your printer.

How to Download and Use the Epson Stylus EP802 Adjustment Program

To download the Epson Stylus EP802 adjustment program, you can visit the official Epson website or search for it on the internet. Once you have downloaded the program, follow the instructions below to use it:

  1. Ensure that your printer is connected to your computer and turned on.
  2. Extract the downloaded file and open the “Adjprog.exe” file.
  3. Select your printer model from the drop-down list and click on “OK.”
  4. Click on the “Particular adjustment mode” button and select the “Waste ink pad counter” option.
  5. Click on the “Check” button to check the waste ink pad counter value.
  6. Click on the “Initialization” button to reset the counter.
  7. Once the reset process is complete, turn off your printer and then turn it on again.


In conclusion, the Epson Stylus EP802 adjustment program is a useful tool that can help you reset the waste ink pad counter and continue using your printer. It is essential to follow the instructions carefully to avoid any damage to your printer. Additionally, make sure to download the program from a reliable source to avoid any security issues.